Great Chiropractor

Dr. Laara Van Bryce has just started working with me on foot neuropathy- and I could tell after just four visits that the numbness was remarkably lessened.  I am an athletic person but I was starting to stumble on the courts. I never experienced anything like that before Christmas of this year. All I can say is, the sooner you get in to see her the better.

She uses a combination of traction and laser that alleviates headaches. She listens. She cares.

– Marlene H.


Caring, Empathetic, Professional

DrLaara Van Bryce is the new chiropractor who bought the Tier One Chiropractic practice from Dr. Ulrich, who recently retired. DrLaara is one of the most thorough chiropractors I have had. She listens deeply and customizes the adjustments and the tools she uses accordingly. She explains why and what she’s doing. She’s very empathetic and tunes into where I have issues in my body to figure out how to help me feel better. She takes the time needed to work out all the knots and misalignments in my body. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable chiropractor with decades of experience and will take proper time to listen to and work with you, give DrLaara a visit.

– Juliana T.

Caring Homeopath

Fantastic specialist and immediate relief.

– Kate