A rotator cuff injury can hurt a lot and make it difficult for one to perform simple day to day activities. No one needs that. Undoubtedly, life is hectic and busy, and getting slowed down by an extremely painful injury only makes it worse. Luckily, it’s possible to treat rotator cuff injuries. Treatment options vary, but for a more natural approach, chiropractic rotator cuff treatment is the way to go. 

What’s a Rotator Cuff Injury?

A rotator cuff injury refers to any inflammation or a tear in the rotator cuff area of the shoulder. It’s painful, unpleasant and can make simple motions hard to complete. Unfortunately, this type of injury is very common. More than three million Americans experience rotator cuff injuries each year.

What Causes Rotator Cuff Injury?

Rotator cuff injuries can result from any number of things, but the general cause is repetitive motion. For instance, doing a job that needs the same movement over and over again can lead to this type of injury. Athletes are also susceptible to rotator cuff injuries. The problem can also result from falling at a certain angle or with an increase in age.

Rotator cuff injuries can be prevented by minimizing repetitive motion, but this might not be possible for some cases. For example, if your work requires repetition, you might not be able to avoid the problem. However, you should take breaks and know your limits to minimize the risk of injury.

Symptoms of a Rotator Cuff Injury

The predominant symptom of rotator cuff injuries is frequent pain. When you sustain a rotator cuff injury, you’ll notice that the discomfort is more pronounced when you carry out the motion that led to the problem in the first place. Additionally, the afflicted arm might become weak to the point that it’s hard to move it completely. You might also feel a cracking sensation when you move your limb using specific motions.

If you experience any or all of those symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately in order to prevent further injuries. For the most natural and individualized treatment, your best bet is to visit a chiropractor.

Rotator Cuff Treatment

During a chiropractor rotator cuff treatment, the physician will use a personalized approach to treat your affliction. In order to execute this approach effectively, they will start their initial consultation by providing you with an in-depth examination. The next step will be to create a specialized treatment plan that fits your individual needs.

Your chiropractor rotator cuff treatment plan is made with your own unique requirements in mind. But, there are several treatment techniques you can expect to come across. For instance, your chiropractor might use a hot and cold routine to the affected region to promote healing in the tendons. He or she may also apply electro muscular stimulation to reduced inflammation in the damaged area.

The physicians will also recommend several stretches and exercises that’ll help with regaining motion and faster recovery. In addition to that, a healthy diet can help to decrease inflammation. Your chiropractor will give you suggestions on what foods you should eat.

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