Welcome to Tier One Chiropractic!

Ever since Dr. Brad Ulrich was first asked, he knew he wanted to be a doctor.  Primarily because he grew up with some health issues that he didn’t want other kids to suffer from.   An injury in Dr. Ulrich’s senior year of undergraduate school had him on track for surgery that threatened his final year on the baseball team.  A fellow teammate recommended a Chiropractor in town that helped some of the other players.  The Chiropractor negated the need for surgery, fixing Dr. Ulrich’s knee, and took it a step further resolving his lifelong asthmatic condition.  A chiropractic career was born.

Chiropractic care became an integral part of Dr. Ulrich’s health care whether it was for injury or maintenance reasons. After graduating from college in 1999, Dr. Ulrich moved to Seattle and has been practicing ever since. Dr. Ulrich dedicates himself to helping individuals, families including children, professional athletes from all of Seattle’s professional sports teams and the difficult cases where patients were told there was no cure.

Dr. Ulrich brings impeccable qualifications to his Chiropractic Office. Because of his sports background Dr. Ulrich emphasizes taking a patient out of pain by using gentle and palliative care, followed by core strength training, exercise and rehabilitation to return the patient to normal function.

The goal of Tier One Chiropractic is to empower our community to make healthier choices and alleviate pain so that many don’t have to needlessly suffer.